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Civil and Structural Engineering Consulting Services

Design for Durability
Deliver with Precision

At Novastruct Engineering Inc., we are trusted Providers of Comprehensive Civil and Structural Engineering Consulting Services. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. We build a safe and strong future together. 

Commitment to Excellence 
Innovative Engineering Solutions 
Lasting Client Partnerships 
Sustainable Infrastructure 

Structural Engineering

We specialize in delivering professional civil and structural engineering consulting services for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential structures. From designing and analyzing complex structural systems, brownfield expansions, underground foundations to providing innovative solutions, our expertise ensures the structural integrity and safety of your projects.

Condition Assessments, Inspections, and Repair Plans

Our skilled engineers conduct thorough on-site assessments and inspections of existing superstructures and foundations. We provide detailed reports with precise evaluations and recommend cost-effective repair plans to address urgent deficiencies. Our goal is to help you maintain and enhance the performance and longevity of your structures.

Advanced Engineering

We excel in precise finite element analysis for structural and mechanical components across various scales. Using advanced engineering techniques, we evaluate and optimize the performance of your structures, ensuring efficiency and reliability in their operation.

Drafting Services

Our drafting services are designed to assist you in capturing accurate as-builts of existing structures or recreating old existing drawings. With meticulous attention to detail, we create comprehensive and precise drawings that serve as invaluable references for maintenance, renovations, or future projects.

At Novastruct Engineering Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality, technical expertise, and personalized solutions to our clients. We are committed to understanding your unique needs and providing innovative and sustainable engineering solutions. Trust us to be your reliable partner in building and maintaining structurally sound and efficient infrastructure.