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Structural Engineering

Industrial Design

NovaStruct Engineering provides comprehensive conceptual and detail design solutions for industrial buildings, equipment foundations, and retrofitting of structures. Trust us to optimize your industrial projects with precision and efficiency. 

Commercial Design

Enhance your commercial buildings with our exceptional design services. From initial design to modifications, additions, and occupancy change, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

Residential Design

Create your dream home with our specialized residential design services. Whether it’s designing a new residential building or making additions and alterations to existing structures, we bring creativity and functionality to every residential project.

Condition Assessments, Inspections and Repair Plans

Comprehensive Condition Assessments

Our experienced team conducts precise on-site assessments of existing structures and foundations for commercial and industrial infrastructures. We deliver comprehensive reports with detailed evaluations and cost-effective corrective actions to address deficiencies and ensure optimal performance.

Specialized Inspections

Trust us to perform meticulous on-site inspections of special structural systems, such as crane runways, monorails, and conveyors. We provide detailed reports highlighting deficiencies and offer cost-effective corrective actions to maximize the lifespan and reliability of these critical systems.

Engineered Repair Plans

Count on our expertise in providing engineered and cost-effective repair plans for structural deficiencies, deterioration, and corrosion. Our solutions eliminate risks and extend the lifespan of your structural systems, ensuring their long-term durability and performance.

Advanced Engineering

Unlock the full potential of your structural and mechanical components with our exceptional precision in finite element analysis. Through state-of-the-art engineering techniques, we assess and enhance the performance of your structural and mechanical components, guaranteeing unparalleled efficiency and unwavering reliability. Experience engineering excellence with our expertise. 

Drafting Services

Our meticulous drafting services help you capture accurate as-builts of existing structures or recreate outdated drawings. With meticulous attention to detail, we create comprehensive and precise drawings that serve as invaluable references for maintenance, renovations, and future projects. Maximize your productivity and save valuable time with our top-tier drafting solutions tailored to your specific needs.